Solace Coin Second Donation

Hello Solace Community,

It has only been 10 days since our last donation and we are already prepared to give again. This time, the donation amount grew significantly to $607 USD. A testament to your continued support. The SolaceCoin communities on Discord and Telegram voted and they quickly identified their chosen destination for this donation; the local “South African Orphanage”.

Leon, the Founder of SolaceCoin, lives in South Africa and “Isithembiso Babies Home” is known locally as one of the most impactful organizations on the lives of young South Africans. So we sent out a few emails to their administrative staff and received a swift response. They were extremely grateful to receive our community’s donation.

One of the many great things about this organization is they report back to donors about what the money was spent on. In a few weeks, Leon and the team at SolaceCoin will receive a letter that we will share with you about how the $607 USD was utilized by the charity. This is great news as the Developers and community are excited to follow the individual charities’ stories as well as how we impact and improve the lives of those in need.



Isithembiso’s Vision Statement– “Isithembiso exists so that hope can exist for abandoned or orphaned babies. We provide a stable environment for young lives that have had a difficult start, and our aim is always to see them placed in loving, secure families.”

Please show some support for our chosen charity. You can find more information about their efforts by visiting their website, They are truly doing an amazing job –

Gallery of Photos at Isithembiso


As always please share this blog post on Social Media accounts using the below links, Let’s build some more awareness and let the world know what we are all doing.

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