The greater good of solace coin

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

SolaceCoin is a cryptocurrency that wants to help those who cannot help themselves. We will do so by donating SolaceCoin to charities who apply to be listed on our website. We will have a dedicated page where you can see how much is going into each of the charities’ wallets and how it is spent. We will be completely open about all transactions and have the charities verify them.

As our community already knows, each block mined of SolaceCoin, 30% goes to the charity wallets. As soon as we get SolaceCoin listed on a few exchanges we will add more to the charity wallet percentage.

Every Saturday, we will send 30% of the funds earned through block rewards to the charity wallets. These coins will then be released to an exchange slowly so that it does not influence the price of SolaceCoin. These funds will then be distributed to charities that help those in need.