Solace Coin First Donation

Hello SolaceCoin Community,

We made our first donation today. It was decided by the Community that SolaceCoin will donate to the local children’s hospital. When the community votes for charities designated as ‘local’, like the local children’s hospital featured in this donation, the developer team will rotate. Today it was Nathan, who lives near Leicester Royal Infirmary Children’s Ward.

Nathan visited the shops today to purchase the toys and items to give to the Children. The Amazon Fire Tablets were loaded with games and educational applications.

We strongly believe that Solace Coin can achieve something massive with the help of our growing community. Today was just the first step.

The Leicester Royal Infirmary Children’s Ward cares for all types of illnesses, from minor to critical. Some of these children have been in the Hospital for a long time and we wanted to bring a little bit of happiness to their current situation.

Remember, SolaceCoin’s vision is to have a worldwide impact. I don’t want people to feel like we are not following through on this vision. This is simply the first donation and currently the local hospitals we will be donating to are rotating between the developers (England, South Africa, and Romania). The donations are driven by the community. As the community grows, the scale and impact of those donations will grow as well.

The toys that are given to the children will make their stay a little more manageable. You have to remember that these children are in a foreign place, sleeping and living there away from their home and families. It can be traumatizing for the children. If we can make their stay a little more entertaining and perhaps put a smile on their face we have succeeded!

We discovered that our daemon doesn’t automatically save transaction private keys needed to prove sending, In the future we will change this so we can provide Transaction Hashes for the payments sent to the exchange. We have provided all of the images below showing transactions.

Thank you again for your continued support. Today, as a community, we helped a local children’s hospital. Tomorrow, we set our sights to do even more.


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